Labor Support

Labor support includes an initial consultation with you and your partner in order to discuss your birth goals and preferences, and any questions that you have right off the bat. After that, I'm on call for you and will be there every step of the way. I'll be answering your questions and concerns via text, call, or email whenever you need! I give expert advice about childbirth education, reading material, events in the area, and more resources that can help you through pregnancy and labor. When we create a birth plan together in an in person prenatal appointment, you can feel more confident about your choices and what to expect. When labor starts, I'll be with you from the start to the very end. From relaxation methods to breathing techniques to counter pressure to position changes and facilitating spousal support, I can make a big difference in your birth experience! I stick around even after the birth to make sure you and your partner and family are adjusting well and then provide one home visit. Labor support is offered at a flat rate of $975.

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Postpartum Care

As soon as you leave your place of birth, my goals shift to your postpartum care. The days, weeks, and even months following birth can be a challenging adjustment and it's perfectly normal and healthy to seek out and accept help! That's where a postpartum care Doula can completely transform your home life during this time. This service includes but is not limited to: basic breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding support, care for your baby while you sleep, light housekeeping, reassurance and emotional support, meal/snack preparation, sibling support, help with newborn care and soothing, and whatever else YOUR family needs. This is a customizable package and can look different for each family depending on what your needs at the time are. My end goal with postpartum care is to make sure that you have a much quicker and less stressful recovery. Postpartum care is offered at an hourly rate starting at $35/hour.

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Labor + Postpartum Package

The labor support + postpartum care package includes everything that you'd receive with the standard labor support plus an extra prenatal appointment for childbirth education and labor preparation + minimum 20 hours of in home and customized postpartum care.

Please contact me for pricing details.

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